Food Industry: Milan to go all out for its 2015 World Expo

The 2013/11/19 at 14:46
Centred on the theme of “Feeding the Planet, energy for Life”, this event gathering 136 countries round ...

Marie-Anne Cantin, a French cheese specialist with an international mission

The 2013/10/21 at 08:20
To strengthen France’s export offer and to put the trade balance back on an even keel in the next five years, four families of priority activities have been identified around the notion of “Mieux Vivre” (Bet...

The Green City concept of the Minister Nicole Bricq : a hope for companies ?

The 2013/10/18 at 09:49
The Minister for Foreign Trade Nicole Bricq will bring the concept of "Ville Durable" through the entiere world. The idea is to build a city which respect the environnement which brings jobs, new houses, soc...

Translatlantic Free Trade agreement: the biggest trade area ever to be created

The 2013/02/20 at 15:26
A sea snake in political and diplomatic relations between the European Union and the United States, a Transatlantic Free Trade Area is likely to see the light of day in two years’ time, according to vows mad...

Green Energy Act : Ontario pursues its environmental policy

The 2012/10/22 at 11:00
In 2009, Ontario adopted the Green Energy Act with the aim of increasing its production of renewable energies, encouraging energy savings, and promoting job creation. This act, based on the provincial govern...

Quebecois company Hortau Inc develops irrigation innovativ technologies

The 2012/06/22 at 14:00
Specialising in agronomic performance, the Quebecois company Hortau Inc develops irrigation management technologies. This capacity to innovate is supported by its investment policy. An interview with Jocelyn...

Is uranium the new gold?

The 2012/05/24 at 05:30
An example of the potential of this deposit with Strateco. This Canadian company is preparing to embark on uranium extraction, thanks to the Matoush site in the north of Québec. An interview with Guy Hébert,...

Real estate opportunities in Miami

The 2012/03/30 at 13:16
Thanks to a favourable context, this city in Florida is attracting many foreign investors. The real-esta...

Manitoba, a new mining Eldorado

The 2012/03/29 at 10:46
A major gold extraction player in Canada, the Alexis Minerals mining corporation hopes to boost its turnover thanks to the Snow Lake project that consists in mining a huge site in the north of Manitoba. An i...

Video article. Canada and France renew their joint economic commitment

The 2011/12/16 at 06:43
On 13 December in Paris, the French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade met the Canadian Minister of International Trade to strengthen their economic partnership.

US SMEs storm social networks

The 2011/11/09 at 06:30
The US Chamber and the National Federation of Independent Business are giving small US businesses the op...

International trade: Clash between Beijing and Washington

The 2011/11/03 at 05:47
China threatens the United States with a trade war.

Recession spectre fading in the United States but not in Europe

The 2011/10/31 at 06:50
Consumption is boosting the US economy while Europe is in quasi-stagnation.

G7 countries on the verge of recession

The 2011/10/10 at 09:25
The OECD highlights the high risk of a shrinkage of activity in Europe and the United States.

A new status in California to protect companies from shareholders

The 2011/10/07 at 05:50
The "Flexible Purpose Corporation" is a new type of corporate entity allowing entrepreneurs to set thems...

The cooperative movement behind the city of Lévis

The 2011/10/03 at 15:05
In Québec, the city of Lévis today defines itself as a "city of cooperation", a new positioning unveiled on 11 May this year, whose deployment will be the target of a five-year plan worth 5 million dollars o...

Mines Aurizon backs the mining wealth of Québecois territory

The 2011/09/18 at 06:07
The Quebecois gold producer Mines Aurizon seeks to produce the precious metal using cutting-edge technol...

New technologies for discovering tomorrow's mine deposits

The 2011/08/20 at 14:14
Thanks to digital processing procedures combined with its field experience, Azimut Exploration can now i...

Pediapharm widens its offer of medication for children

The 2011/08/16 at 08:43
Fewer than one out of three adult treatments have a children’s equivalent. The Canadian company Pediapharm is contributing to launching innovative treatments exclusively for the paediatric market. Here follo...

The OECD targets switzerland about its financial transparency

The 2011/07/15 at 08:16
The Global Forum on Transparency which took places june 1st in Bermuda has handed down its critical verd...

The US GDP has only progressed by 0.6 % between 2007 and 2011

The 2011/07/07 at 10:44
The US economy seems to be losing steam while the authorities’ margins for manoeuvring tighten.

IEPF helps and supports francophone countries to introduce policies in terms of energy and sustainable development

The 2011/07/06 at 16:26
In the domain of sustainable development, developing francophone countries have at their disposal the Institut de l’Énergie et de l’Environnement de la Francophonie (IEPF or Energy and Environment Institute ...

Florida reviews its immigration policy

The 2011/05/27 at 10:34
In Florida, a new bill proposes to ban the employment of illegal immigrants. A decision denounced by the...

The Quebecois social security system

The 2011/02/28 at 15:23
In Canada, the federal administration exercises control on the legal and financial aspects of social wel...

Canadian Chamber of Commerce: subdued economic prospects

The 2011/01/31 at 10:21
“Canada’s economic engine is chugging along, but not at full steam,” observes the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in its Economic Outlook for 2011. Canada was quick to get out of the recession.

Lévis (Quebec) - An avant-garde technology park

The 2010/11/30 at 13:32
Innoparc will place a priority on hosting research laboratories and high-tech businesses. What makes it ...

2010 UNCTAD report - A spurt of foreign investment

The 2010/10/28 at 14:12
While investors are still wary of the crisis, their confidence is expected to return in the near future....

CEGEP of Sainte-Foy - All-purpose training

The 2010/09/02 at 14:36
For forty years now, the CEGEP of Sainte-Foy, Québec, a higher education establishment, has been trainin...

CEGEP of Sept-Îles - Training programmes adapted to the job pool

The 2010/09/02 at 14:31
The Quebecois public education system includes an original type of establishment, the CEGEP, a prelimina...

Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine - Training tomorrow’s leaders

The 2010/09/02 at 14:25
Close to the centre of Montreal in Québec, the impressive Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine is busily prepa...

CEGEP of Jonquière - Objective excellence

The 2010/09/02 at 14:20
Unanimously recognised for the quality of its technical training programmes and pre-university teaching,...

Canadian company heads - Development via mutual aid

The 2010/09/02 at 10:49
Read our article Canadian company heads - Development via mutual aid

Economic development in Canada - Ontario seeks to draw investors

The 2010/09/02 at 10:41
A flourishing economy, highly qualified labour, an advantageous tax system, international openness: ther...

United States: a reform for the health system

The 2010/05/04 at 13:10
The US Congress confirmed on 25 March that its health system will be reformed. This reform will extend h...

Collège Mérici in Quebec: alongside students

The 2010/05/03 at 14:19
This year, the Collège Mérici is celebrating its 80th birthday in Quebec. An occasion to review its high...

CEGEP de La Pocatière: a passport to the business world

The 2010/05/03 at 14:13
The CEGEP de La Pocatière offers initial and continuing education courses in vocational and technical do...

Canada: carbon taxed in two provinces

The 2010/04/01 at 12:40
Quebec and British Colombia opted for the implementation of a tax on CO2 emissions several years ago. In...

Centrallia 2010: Manitoba behind SMEs

The 2010/04/01 at 10:33
Centrallia 2010, an international forum for SMEs, will be taking place in October in Winnipeg, capital o...

Attractiveness: Manitoba invests in its future

The 2010/04/01 at 10:20
Better promotion for its economic and natural assets in view of attracting new investors: this is the ma...

Canadian Chamber of Commerce: economic outlook 2010

The 2010/01/28 at 10:26
At the end of each year, the Canadian Chamber draws up an economic portrait of the country for the comin...

Hub International: expertise and values in Quebec

The 2009/12/29 at 09:19
Many European companies dream of establishing themselves in Quebec. However, their desire is oftentimes ...

HEC Montreal widens its horizons

The 2009/11/30 at 11:47
Providing an education inspired by the European tradition in a North American setting,HEC Montreal is re...

United states’ chambers of commerce: climate law, the reasons for the disaccord

The 2009/11/26 at 12:45
The opposition of the powerful American Federation of Chambers of Commerce to the Waxman-Markey Bill, pi...

US Chamber: controversy over the Climate Law

The 2009/11/26 at 12:38
For some, it represents the most promising advance of the decades, while for others, it is a dangerous b...

Perrin Beatty, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce: favouring free trade

The 2009/11/26 at 12:10
As the country heads toward recovery, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is pleading for the protectionist...

Canadian Chamber of commerce: all together against Buy American

The 2009/10/07 at 13:11
On 31 July, the CCC, together with provincial and territorial Chambers, signed a letter addressed to Can...

Canada-European Union partnership: liberation of trade

The 2009/10/07 at 12:48
In August, the talks over an improved economic partnership between Canada and the European Union receive...

Setting up: Porter Hetu helps companies

The 2009/10/07 at 08:57
Since the number of companies wishing to establish themselves in Canada has not ceased to grow for the l...

Québec City’s Jean Lesage international airport: from strength to strength

The 2009/10/07 at 08:52
Going over the one-million passenger mark, Québec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport has unveiled ...

Janet Ecker, former Minister of Finance in Ontario: "The economic culture of Ontario is conservative when it comes to risk calculation"

The 2009/06/04 at 10:47
In its report on world competitiveness, the World Economic Forum described the Canadian banking system a...

The Bécancour Waterfront Industrial Park: outstanding logistical assets

The 2009/06/03 at 15:32
The huge infrastructures at Bécancour make it one of Canada’s biggest port and industrial parks. Situate...

Mouvement des Caisses Desjardins: cooperative partner

The 2009/06/03 at 15:26
As the largest cooperative-type financial group in Canada,  the Mouvement des Caisses Desjardins is a ch...

Greater Montreal: gateway to the North American market

The 2009/06/03 at 15:14
Three key factors make for success and Greater Montreal possesses them all: highly skilled labour, extre...

Economic development of Quebec: investing in success

The 2009/06/03 at 15:00
A few years ago, the Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches regions decided to create a new agency to promote e...

Cultural diversity: backing education

The 2009/03/31 at 08:34
In the province of Ontario, in Canada, a Diversity Office exists within the Public Service.

Marie Meriaud-Brischoux, Institut de management et de communication interculturels: "For an American, work is part of life"

The 2009/03/30 at 15:38
American culture is so widespread throughout the world that everyone tends to forget that it comprises c...

Economic develoment: Alberta plays the French card

The 2009/02/28 at 10:02
The Conseil de Développement Économique de l’Alberta (CDEA) actively takes part in energising and boosti...

Waterfront project: a facelift for Toronto

The 2009/01/05 at 11:00
By launching, in 2001, a company in charge of the development of urban renewal projects, Toronto is grad...

Canada: an Ontario Institute leading the way in geothermics

The 2009/01/05 at 10:56
It is in Ontario that can be found the largest field where geothermic power is channelled in Canada, and...

Research and development in Ontario: we want you!

The 2009/01/05 at 10:54
37 million dollars for research in Ontario.

Ontario Province: how green is my valley?

The 2009/01/05 at 10:48
Pro-active measures in favour of green industries.

Canadian Chambers of commerce: towards greater consolidation

The 2009/01/02 at 09:45
In Canada, the establishment of a Chamber of Commerce can be carried out by different procedures.

Quebec turns 400

The 2008/09/01 at 14:31
Quebecois business savoir-faire has taken advantage of a superb showcase since the start of the year. Th...

The complexity of the American tax regime

The 2008/07/03 at 09:30
Renaud Jouffroy, avocat associé chez Landwell & Associés: "The American tax system is extremely complex."

Société Générale Canada: a successful conquest of the west

The 2008/02/01 at 13:36
Mergers, acquisitions, public-private partnerships, assistance with export: the Société Générale Canada ...

Montreal: Canada’s Silicon Valley

The 2007/12/03 at 15:21
Attracting foreign investment and international organisations: these are Montréal International’s mandat...

US Chamber of Commerce: facing the challenge of illegal immigration

The 2007/11/02 at 15:03
The failure of immigration law reform in the United States puts businesses in an ambiguous position. The...

The Los Angeles Chamber: reform of the health insurance system

The 2007/11/02 at 14:59
Every Californian with a health insurance policy pays a “hidden tax” to cover the medical expenses of th...

United States chamber of commerce: promoting a liberal energy policy

The 2007/08/29 at 12:52
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a powerful business federation that lobbies Congress to promote low-cost...

USA-Africa: oil is the name of the game

The 2007/05/03 at 13:05
In 2000, the Clinton administration passed the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa), a piece of leg...

Credit insurance in the Great White North

The 2007/03/02 at 11:48
Credit insurance is not an easy business in a North American country in which a certain gung-ho spirit i...

Nancy Hughes Anthony: president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The 2007/01/02 at 12:44
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1925 and now has 170,000 members. It main aim is to favo...

WTO: Doha Round postponed

The 2006/07/04 at 09:58
Around fifty ministers met in Geneva at the end of June to try to revive the Doha Round of trade talks. ...

Interview with Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO, US Chamber of Commerce

The 2006/04/03 at 13:48
Freedom of enterprise is sacred in the United States, which is why American business communities were ea...

Northern California - Angels of the Valley

The 2006/01/02 at 10:43
Historically, Silicon Valley, which runs between San Francisco and San Jose, is synonymous with the most...

Macro Economy - Quebec: la Belle Province

The 2005/10/03 at 13:40
The Francophone Province of Quebec, which has the second highest population in the Canadian federation, ...

City of Montréal - An outward looking strategy

The 2005/10/03 at 13:40
The City of Montréal has just adopted a highly ambitious five-year economic strategy. The initiative wil...

Metro Montréal - The knowledge industry

The 2005/10/03 at 13:38
Located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in southern Québec, only 45 minutes from the US border, M...

Canada - Developing partnerships

The 2005/10/03 at 08:59
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, based in Ottawa, has welcomed the publication of Canada’s internationa...

Montreal - A wealth of projects

The 2005/10/03 at 08:59
In recent weeks, the city of Montréal adopted its “2005-2010 Economic Development Strategy” and, to say ...

Quebec - Change and recognition

The 2005/10/03 at 08:59
The Quebec Chamber of Commerce has a new President, Pierre Dolbec, who took over from Francine Lortie in...

Greater Québec - For creation and innovation

The 2005/10/02 at 10:26
Québec is a regional capital of breathtaking business dynamism.  And the business ZONE Québec Chaudière-...

Special report Canada - Canada : a world leader in the aerospace industry

The 2003/07/02 at 16:16
Only three countries – the United States, France and the United Kingdom – have a greater share of the gl...

Special report Canada - Canada between tradition and hi-tech

The 2003/07/02 at 16:15
Member of the G-7, Canada’s economy has undergone a rapid transformation over the last thirty years. Alt...

Toronto - Changing Toronto’s image

The 2003/07/02 at 15:42
Read our article Toronto - Changing Toronto’s image

Vancouver - A resounding spirit of initiative

The 2003/07/02 at 15:41
Read our article Vancouver - A resounding spirit of initiative

Montreal - Gaining momentum in the city

The 2003/07/02 at 15:41
Read our article Montreal - Gaining momentum in the city

USA - Rentless lobbying

The 2003/07/02 at 15:41
Read our article USA - Rentless lobbying

WTO - WTO confirms that US export subsidies are illegal

The 2002/04/05 at 13:45
Following an appeal by the US, the WTO has confirmed that the Foreign Sales Corporation Replacement Act,...

September 11th - The limits of neo-liberalism

The 2002/01/05 at 15:04
The whole world was utterly stunned by the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York, and the world's...

USA - The United States: set for ultra-liberalism ?

The 2001/06/04 at 14:26
Since the 19th century, the United States has acquired the label of a country of free trade and free ent...

USA - The most difficult market in the world?

The 2001/06/04 at 13:48
In just a few months, Thibièrge & Comar, a company specialising in the creation of high-quality paper, h...

AIR?FRANCE - Air France takes off from Dallas, Texas

The 2001/06/04 at 13:48
Air France operates more and more long-distance flights and offers continuing journeys through its many ...

SILICON VALLEY - The temple of technology takes a beating

The 2001/06/04 at 13:48
The popular image of a valley where the living is easy, money flows freely and jobs abound has often aro...

Mexico - A royal road to the North American market

The 2001/06/04 at 13:33
NAFTA, which has been in existence since 1992, is a North American free-trade area which includes the Un...

CANADA - At the gates of the United States

The 2001/06/04 at 12:36
Canada is one of the world’s most dynamic industrial countries, whose economy was boosted in 1998 by the...

Toronto - Lessons in international commerce

The 2001/03/05 at 14:03
Read our article Toronto - Lessons in international commerce

Manhattan - The design rendez-vous

The 2001/03/05 at 12:47
Read our article Manhattan - The design rendez-vous

Montreal - Ingenious city

The 2000/12/01 at 13:50
Read our article Montreal - Ingenious city

Air Canada - The Franco-Canadian Bridge

The 2000/09/01 at 13:51
The Canadian airline is no stranger to the growth in transatlantic trade between France and Canada. On t...

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