Hervé Boulhol, Economist at the OECD: “Developed countries are exiting the crisis”

The 2013/09/05 at 12:21
An interview with Hervé Boulhol, Economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in charge of France for the Department of Economic Affairs (for six years).

London: austerity followed up by… more austerity

The 2013/07/19 at 12:16
The British government has announced new budgetary cuts but is also promising to make massive investment...

Switzerland prepares to sign a free-trade agreement with… China

The 2013/07/02 at 07:59
At a time when the possible introduction of a free-trade agreement between the European Union and the Un...

SME financing: the top priority for the European Investment Bank

The 2013/06/21 at 08:01
The European Union’s SMEs have been identified by Brussels as a key to economic recovery. Beyond the cla...

BCC scales up its growth forecasts

The 2013/06/18 at 08:12
Despite a boost of confidence in the economy, the body representing British Chambers of Commerce remains prudent about the future.

Eurochambers - An update on protectionism

The 2013/06/12 at 07:58
At a time when a recent battle pits Chinese photovoltaic panels against French wines on the internationa...

The BCC hails the extension of the funding scheme to businesses

The 2013/06/11 at 08:07
The body in charge of British Chambers of Commerce nevertheless urges the country’s government not to ea...

BCC - British exporters identify buoyant new markets

The 2013/05/31 at 08:12
The United Arab Emirates, Poland and China emerge as markets with strong growth potential, according to ...

DIHK - Growth means a decline in company creation

The 2013/05/29 at 08:55
Company creation is an attractive solution for job seekers during crisis times. But as statistics from t...

DIHK - Company financing: Basel III casts a shadow over SMEs

The 2013/05/22 at 08:13
Elaborated in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to prevent the collapse of banks, new regulatory sta...

Video Article - Amundi: the reference in retirement savings

The 2013/05/14 at 08:20
Amundi, a key assets management company worldwide, is the fruit of a joint venture between Société Génér...

Spain: The arbitration court, a useful tool for enterprises

The 2013/05/13 at 08:20
The first Investment Arbitration Court Conference was organised in Madrid

BCC - British enterprises wish to remain in the EU under certain conditions

The 2013/05/10 at 08:20
According to a survey published by the BCC, a large majority of British enterprises are in favour of ren...

France’s Confidence Pact: French CCIs expectant

The 2013/05/06 at 07:55
French CCIs expect a great deal from the Confidence Pact that President François Hollande wishes to sign...

BCC - Boost in morale for British enterprises

The 2013/05/03 at 08:39
The body in charge of British Chambers of Commerce believes that a UK relapse into recession will be avoided this year.

Bercy - The State backs innovative buying for its services

The 2013/04/30 at 08:24
A conference aimed at public buyers took place on Thursday 11 April in Paris, to promote innovative buying. Written into its “National Pact for Growth, Competitiveness and Employment”, this new principle aim...

ECB - The survey that reveals Cypriots to be wealthier than Germans

The 2013/04/26 at 07:49
The richest Europeans are not the ones that one might expect. But it all depends on whether wealth is as...

DIHK - Tax increase: 1% more equals 200,000 fewer jobs

The 2013/04/18 at 08:34
Taxation and high incomes are at the heart of the German electoral debate. The DIHK, the federation of German CCIs, estimates that if the opposition parties are victorious, there is a risk that the country’s...

BCC - Budget: the government can do better

The 2013/04/17 at 08:32
The body representing British Chambers of Commerce regrets the lack of ambition in the budgetary measure...

France Export: simplifying service for entreprises

The 2013/04/10 at 08:10
France's range of existing export aid mechanisms is to be audited. The aim is to clear up the current co...

Video Article - HRT Fidalux: company management from A to Z

The 2013/04/05 at 08:08
From a company's incorporation to its liquidation, via multiple accountancy aspects, the Luxembourg comp...

DIHK - Cyprus: German enterprises keen to save the euro

The 2013/04/04 at 08:50
While the tax on bank deposits in Cyprus has rekindled anti-German feeling in the south of Europe, the German CCIs are supporting their government’s action and are focusing on preserving the euro – a conditi...

Video Article - La Banque Postale: comprehensive answers for all territorial players

The 2013/04/01 at 07:51
By widening its offer to enterprises, local authorities and social-economy players, La Banque Postale ha...

The BCC calls for a growth strategy from the government

The 2013/03/25 at 07:41
On the occasion of its annual conference, the body representing British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) requested that the government boost its spending on infrastructures.

European movement against high executive salaries

The 2013/03/20 at 08:27
Following banker remuneration, now executive salaries are under pressure, denounced by public opinion, a...

The BCC expects a recovery of economic growth in 2015

The 2013/03/19 at 08:24
In the meantime, the body representing British Chambers of Commerce has lowered its growth forecasts for this year to 0.6 %.

Measures to support SMEs

The 2013/03/14 at 08:32
During a debate on the state of the nation, the Spanish Head of State gave details on a plan for helping...

Video Article - 24 IP Law Group: Intellectual property, crucial precautions

The 2013/03/08 at 08:12
On the Franco-German market, the protection of trademarks, patents, designs and models is subject to com...

Britain’s tumble from the triple A opens a new era

The 2013/03/07 at 08:04
According to the BCC, the loss of Britain’s triple A status should encourage the country to take more ra...

A new springboard for innovation

The 2013/03/05 at 08:13
The CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche or Research Tax Break), undergoing its umpteenth reform, is now backed up by the CII (Crédit Impôt Innovation or Innovation Tax Break). A bonus for innovative enterprises prov...

Spain wishes to reinforce the innovation-globalisation duo

The 2013/03/04 at 08:13
By teaming up with its foreign trade services set up overseas, the delegations of Spain’s public centre ...

Business Angels to the rescue

The 2013/03/01 at 07:41
At a time when banks still show signs of flightiness in terms of granting loans, alternatives to classic...

Peter Mihok, Chairman of the World Chambers Federation: “We are very happy to organize our Congress in Doha this year”

The 2013/02/21 at 08:16
Qatar will host the 8th Congress of the ICC World Chambers of Commerce co-organized by the ICC World Cha...

Translatlantic Free Trade agreement: the biggest trade area ever to be created

The 2013/02/20 at 15:26
A sea snake in political and diplomatic relations between the European Union and the United States, a Transatlantic Free Trade Area is likely to see the light of day in two years’ time, according to vows mad...

British SMEs lack financing

The 2013/02/13 at 08:05
According to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), the creation of a public investment bank would help...

British retailing in crisis

The 2013/02/06 at 08:12
Retail sales volumes declined by 0.1 % in December 2012, boding for a particularly difficult 2013.

Foreign direct investments: France scores well

The 2013/02/04 at 09:04
Defying talk on fiscal conditions, social charges and employment law in France, foreign investors increased the number of the jobs they created in France in 2011 by almost 19 %. Even better, the results of I...

Bosses confident about their businesses, yet worried about France

The 2013/01/31 at 08:15
Three times per year, the ViaVoice institute carries out a survey amongst French employers in partnershi...

Great Britain: the business world welcomes the referendum project

The 2013/01/30 at 08:05
British enterprises remain divided about the hypothesis of Great Britain exiting the European Union, wit...

Europe determined to draft a new European industrial policy

The 2013/01/09 at 07:52
Endowing Europe with instruments to stop its deindustrialisation and to boost industrial production: this is the objective set by the Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and German Ministers of Industry and...

Exports still a pillar of German growth in 2013

The 2013/01/08 at 08:35
Despite being touched by the current state of Eurozone markets, export activities continue to place Germ...

Export: German SMEs defy the Eurozone crisis

The 2012/11/26 at 07:04
Nothing seems capable of stopping German SMEs. Neither the financial crisis, nor the threats of recession hanging over the Eurozone. A majority of these companies not only intend to increase their exports by...

Loss of the French AAA: a false alert?

The 2012/11/23 at 10:00
The recent downgrading of France by the Moody credit rating agency has left markets indifferent. An ob...

Banking sector: the recruitment dynamic intensifies

The 2012/11/20 at 09:21
On top of a strong demand for sales profiles, banks are getting ready to recruit in various professions....

The Gallois Report: a shock to competiveness or to taxes?

The 2012/11/12 at 09:09
On Monday 5 November, Louis Gallois presented a report to French Prime Minister Ayrault, inviting the go...

Natixis Factor : the pros of factoring

The 2012/10/30 at 10:00
Factoring's image has really changed in the last ten years. More and more businesses are turning to this means of financing, and factors are seducing a diversified clientele, from project owners to big compa...

Factoring goes international

The 2012/10/26 at 10:00
Solutions adapted to client needs, chasing up debt with no time difference or language barrier problems, rapidly available cash flow: there is no shortage of reasons why international factoring makes sense. ...

Factoring : innovative solutions by Banques Populaires

The 2012/10/24 at 10:00
Helping businesses to increase their knowledge of their clientele's solvency, to access liquidity immediately and to gain security for client debts: these are the main advantages offered by factoring. This i...

Video article. Luxembourg: Helping businesses to grow

The 2012/10/05 at 08:55
With a favourable administrative and regulatory context for investors, VAT lower than the European average, and well-established business confidentiality, Luxembourg presents many advantages for business own...

British shareholders rebel

The 2012/05/10 at 07:50
At the height of the general assembly season, shareholders in British businesses are protesting against the salaries of company heads.

2011-2012, morose times for trade

The 2012/04/23 at 05:40
The dip in growth of international trade last year is set to accelerate in 2012.

Tax cooperation: a split in the European Agreement

The 2012/04/17 at 05:40
After London, Berlin and Vienna form pacts with Switzerland.

Business Information: datas not be overlooked in times of crisis

The 2012/03/30 at 08:16
A subsidiary of Natixis, Coface Services is a major player on the business information and credit management market. It is incidentally the leading integrated operator of credit management services in France...

Luxury tax cuts in China

The 2012/03/26 at 05:40
To boost its growth, Beijing envisages reducing its taxes for importing luxury goods.

Carbon tax: Europe struggling to impose its way

The 2012/03/21 at 06:40
Hostile to the new tax, China threatens to retaliate against the European air sector.

Bank offers: a new stance before clients

The 2012/03/09 at 06:10
Major wealth management players are adopting new forms of conduct. More than ever, the qualities of solidity, adaptability and above all attentiveness, are promoted to seduce clients who are increasingly wel...

Tribune: Why gold is not overvalued

The 2012/03/01 at 06:05
Questions are being raised on the role of gold and its importance in the global economy. After several decades characterised by tendencies to sell gold, the new trend for central banks is to purchase the pre...

Tax fraud, USA and Europe get organised

The 2012/02/20 at 10:44
The United States and five European States join forces to fight tax evasion.

Asset management: focus on the bank Rothschild

The 2012/02/19 at 14:26
The renowned banking establishment provides an offer centred on long-term support and varied asset solutions adapted to the client’s specific situation.

Video article. Auraria: "Our prime sales vector is our web site"

The 2012/02/07 at 15:42
Auraria gives individuals the opportunity to invest in the renowned safe investment. The company makes gold available for purchase from 60 euros, offering traceability and maximum quality to boot.

A bank for SME's in the public buildings and works sector

The 2012/02/02 at 13:11
For effective and adapted support, BTP Banque deploys a wide selection of solutions meeting the specific preoccupations of SMEs in the public buildings and works sector.

Video article. Social VAT: traders fear a drop in consumption

The 2012/01/31 at 10:48
French traders react to the VAT rate increase announced by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

France-Germany: tax harmonisation left on the wayside?

The 2012/01/31 at 06:30
Defending the idea of a social VAT, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is sending mixed signals to its Ger...

Drastic cuts in the banking sector

The 2012/01/20 at 06:50
Times are hard for the European banking sector.

Video article. Further economic and political risks are to be expected in 2012

The 2012/01/19 at 07:00
The Coface country risk convention held on 16 January at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Tobin tax: France plays solitaire

The 2012/01/18 at 06:50
Paris wishes to bring in the tax on financial transactions at the risk of weakening its market activities.

States turn to taxes to resist the crisis

The 2012/01/17 at 06:50
The European debt crisis is encouraging governments to increase tax pressure

The Eurozone downgraded

The 2012/01/16 at 11:43
By downgrading Eurozone countries, Standard & Poor’s has highlighted a known truth regarding the markets...

Video article. GPS Finance: Win-win investment

The 2012/01/02 at 15:00
The GPS Finance firm gives individuals and corporate clients the opportunity to benefit from the attractive framework of France’s Girardin Industrial Bill, thanks to which significant tax breaks are possible...

Video article. Euporos: Silver, a golden investment

The 2012/01/02 at 05:22
A Greek word meaning “rich, ingenious, wealthy”, Euporos is also the name of a young company in the Swiss canton of Valais specialising in the sale and purchase of precious metals. Louis Schneider, Manager o...

German employers say no to the financial transactions tax

The 2011/12/29 at 06:50
German employer federations are opposed to the introduction of this tax. The German economic world fears...

Profit-sharing assets have climbed from 19 billion euros in 1995 to 88.6 billion euros in 2010

The 2011/12/28 at 13:19
From pension savings to profit sharing via time-saving schemes, Malakoff Médéric offers companies a panel of investment solutions offering tax and social advantages. A review of the offer from Fédéris, an en...

Rating agencies in question

The 2011/12/23 at 06:50
The omnipotence of Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch is placed in doubt

Video article. Secure online currency trading

The 2011/12/19 at 06:08
A specialist in Forex, the international company FXCM offers the retail trading public the chance to make a start in online currency trading. Iliès Larbi, Managing Director of FXCM France, gives some helpful...

No fear of a clampdown on credit amongst German SMEs

The 2011/12/09 at 06:45
A survey reveals that German SMEs feel ready to tackle tensions on the financial and interbank market.

Video article. With 600% growth in the space of ten years, gold is definitely a secure investment

The 2011/12/09 at 05:41
The French online platform AuCoffre.com offers services in coin and nugget purchases and sales for individuals.

French public debt : The effects of ten destructive years

The 2011/12/07 at 07:00
In the shadows cast by the crisis years, French tax policy has, for one decade, been the culprit behind the current explosion in public debt.

International tax: Freefalling rates

The 2011/12/06 at 14:58
In the European Union and elsewhere, tax competition has led States to cut their tax rates. A growing te...

Company tax: Major groups living it up

The 2011/12/05 at 13:45
Thanks to their particularities, major French companies are the prime beneficiaries of the French system in its current state and a race towards the lowest global tax rates that is nevertheless damaging to S...

Luxury spared by the crisis

The 2011/11/29 at 06:40
Far from the economic doldrums, the sector’s giants are displaying exceptional performances.

A lively G20

The 2011/11/28 at 09:02
Despite the debt crisis, certain files have made progress.

Doha round seemingly weakened

The 2011/11/28 at 08:51
At a time when the USA is creating a Trans-Pacific partnership, the WTO may well bring an end to the Doh...

Euro zone at the edge of the abyss

The 2011/11/28 at 08:26
The Brussels summit of 27 October was expected to bring definitive solutions to the EU crisis.

Gender diversity: "Banks where management is the most feminised obtained the top performances"

The 2011/11/17 at 06:45
Questions for Michel Ferrary, professor of Management and HR Management at the University of Geneva, HEC...

France's presidential elections: The Socialist programme well received by employers

The 2011/11/16 at 06:00
The Palatine Bank has presented the results of its 10th Observatoire Banque Palatine des PME-ETI (Palati...

Tax havens: the G20 accused of immobility

The 2011/11/08 at 06:00
The NGO CCFD – Terre Solidaire underlines the incapacity of international institutions to fight against tax havens.

Christophe Lemarié, Deputy General Manager of Société Générale Gestion: "The performance of our PEA mandates was 6 % higher than that of the CAC 40"

The 2011/11/04 at 10:42
Société Générale Gestion, an asset management company specially for the bank’s clients has notched up impressive performances ever since its creation a year and a half ago. Here follows an interview with Chr...

International trade: Clash between Beijing and Washington

The 2011/11/03 at 05:47
China threatens the United States with a trade war.

Cold shower for Spanish banks

The 2011/11/02 at 05:50
The agreement settled on by the European States in Brussels forces Spanish banks to recapitalise. Santan...

Gold is recovering

The 2011/11/02 at 05:45
The price of gold dropped markedly at the end of September, but is gradually climbing back up again.

Recession spectre fading in the United States but not in Europe

The 2011/10/31 at 06:50
Consumption is boosting the US economy while Europe is in quasi-stagnation.

The euro resists

The 2011/10/31 at 05:45
Paradoxically, the rate of the single currency has not been penalised by the euro zone debt crisis.

International protection: zoom on the Luxembourg company Vayton Capital Brand

The 2011/10/29 at 08:55
Nicolas Van Beek, CEO of the Luxembourg firm Vayton Brand Capital, describes new solutions allowing your international intellectual property protection budget to be optimised.

Tax havens: Liechtenstein sprung

The 2011/10/18 at 05:30
The principality does not yet respect international standards to fight tax fraud

The bulgarian social security system

The 2011/10/17 at 05:25
The Bulgarian social welfare system covers all types of risk: sickness-maternity, work-related illnesses...

Tobin tax: Paris and Berlin at the fore

The 2011/10/10 at 09:46
The European Commission is about to finalise a tax bill on financial transactions.

G7 countries on the verge of recession

The 2011/10/10 at 09:25
The OECD highlights the high risk of a shrinkage of activity in Europe and the United States.

France: multinationals targeted

The 2011/09/20 at 10:19
The real tax pressure borne by SMEs is far greater than that of groups from the CAC 40.

Developed countries and “Nipponisation”

The 2011/09/15 at 15:11
A drastic reduction in public deficits may place recovery in peril.

Gold higher still

The 2011/09/15 at 15:06
Central banks became net buyers in 2010 for the first time in over ten years, thus illustrating a divers...

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