The new Business Class of Air India : the pleasure of flying

The 2013/12/09 at 08:46
Air India, the national carrier of India presents its brand new business class of its Boeing 787. A fleet of 121 aircrafts recently equiped with the Boeing 787. The Boeing 787 provides an unmatched fuel effi...

Get on board the Iveco Bus hi-tech revolution

The 2013/11/01 at 10:02
More economical and ecological, the new Iveco bus line, launched in June 2013,is revolutionising the wor...

Save the planet and do your own water with Water World Solution

The 2013/10/15 at 12:48
Today, water becomes to be very rare and not very good in some countries. It is very important to keep this ressource for our next generations. So, Michel Poyet, who found Water World Solution (WWS) has crea...

The CCI Nord Pas de Calais: an engine in the energy transition

The 2013/08/05 at 08:02
Jeremy Rifkin, the well-known American economist and futurologist, will be in Lille in May to oversee a ...

CCI of Nice Côte d’Azur - Towards smart energy grids

The 2013/08/02 at 07:49
The CCI of Nice Côte d’Azur is laying down the foundations of a global project in favour of more dynamic smart energy grids in its territory.

The CCI of Grenoble supports smart mobility

The 2013/07/09 at 09:12
Grenoble is intent on becoming a “smart city of the future” as quickly as possible. Innovative solutions...

Green energy causes price spike

The 2012/11/28 at 09:00
The decision that Germany has made regarding its energy future has caused electricity prices to climb. Renewable energy prices will have an impact, from 2013 onwards, on household and company bills. For cert...

Solar energy in Germany: the twilight of an industry

The 2012/11/15 at 10:21
Announcing, at the start of November, an end to its solar energy activities, Siemens has confirmed Germa...

Green Energy Act : Ontario pursues its environmental policy

The 2012/10/22 at 11:00
In 2009, Ontario adopted the Green Energy Act with the aim of increasing its production of renewable energies, encouraging energy savings, and promoting job creation. This act, based on the provincial govern...

The photovoltaic sector backs innovation

The 2012/10/12 at 07:16
The 27th edition of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) taking place in Frankfurt (Germany) from 24 to 28 September was a record-breaking event.

EDF, well-established savoir-faire in hydroelectricity production

The 2012/09/13 at 09:00
As the European leader in hydroelectricity production, EDF has set itself the target of growing further internationally. To do this, the enterprise relies on its sixty years of experience that have enabled i...

Video article. EDF ENR Solaire's view on the great potential of photovoltaic energy

The 2012/08/27 at 12:53
Year after year, solar energy proves to be an increasingly credible and cheaper alternative to traditional energy sources. EDF ENR Solaire, the number one on the French market, hopes to strengthen its growth...

Business portrait. South Africa: Carbon Footprint, an initiative for compensating for national CO2 emissions

The 2012/04/27 at 05:30
With 90% of its electricity produced by coal, South Africa is the highest polluting country on the Afric...

Germany's energy shift on shaky ground

The 2012/04/25 at 05:40
Inadequate grids, serial bankruptcies in the solar stream, local resistance: Germany's promises for an energy shift are struggling to take form.

Portrait: Heiveld or the empowerment of South African rooibos exporters

The 2012/04/12 at 16:30
The arid plains stretching out to the north of Cape Town are home to the rooibos, a red tea with multifa...

SCOP: Towards a fairer business model

The 2012/04/03 at 12:18
Cooperative and participative enterprises (or SCOPs in French) where employees are majority shareholders are in. At a time when shareholding companies are looked upon warily, SCOPs are seducing more and more...

Peru seeking to develop unconventional renewable energies

The 2012/04/02 at 05:40
Riding on its high economic growth rate (6.9 % in 2011), the South American country needs to increase it...

Buildings that respect the environment

The 2012/03/30 at 08:00
In France, construction represents 20% of the national GDP and 43 % of energy consumption. This is why t...

European businesses seek to restrict their water consumption

The 2012/03/23 at 06:43
Limiting water consumption is an issue affecting everyone, businesses in particular. Increasingly dear, ...

Carbon tax: Europe struggling to impose its way

The 2012/03/21 at 06:40
Hostile to the new tax, China threatens to retaliate against the European air sector.

Bioalgostral or energy from algae

The 2012/03/08 at 06:40
On the island of Reunion, the start-up Bioalgostral is bringing to the tropics a German cultivation technique set to produce a microalgae-based biofuel in the next four years.

Biomimicry: soon to be a European standard

The 2012/03/06 at 06:38
The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has proposed to its members the creation of a t...

CCI Midi-Pyrénées: stimulating the renewable energies sector

The 2012/03/01 at 06:50
The Regional Chamber of Commerce Midi-Pyrénées signed, on 19 January, a partnership agreement with Derbi...

Helem OI electric vehicles soon to be assembled in Réunion

The 2012/02/21 at 06:40
The company Helem OI is working to set up an assembly site for its electric vehicles on Reunion Island, ...

Europe, under the sign of transition

The 2012/02/16 at 06:46
Should we exit or keep nuclear power? Should we help renewable energies to advance? Countries in the Eur...

FagorBrandt: innovation in favour of sustainable development

The 2012/02/15 at 16:10
Local production of a diversified, coherent and complementary range of household goods that combine performance, energy savings and innovation. This is the aim of the Fagor Group that adheres to respecting t...

Organic food to lose speed

The 2012/02/14 at 06:50
A survey on the organic product market in France reviews evolutions in the next three years.

Eco-responsible dry-cleaners: an interview with Nicolas de Bronac, President and founder of Sequoia Pressing

The 2012/02/06 at 14:07
Offering a clientele of individuals and professionals drycleaning services at competitive prices using products and techniques that respect the environment: this is the challenge taken up by Sequoia Pressing.

Transport: focus on the French society Malherbe

The 2012/02/06 at 11:35
A specialist in national and international transport, Malherbe is one of the three major French transporters for general goods.

François Hollande exclusiv interview: "Renewable energy, a considerable pool of jobs”

The 2012/02/02 at 09:48
François Hollande has committed, if he wins the election, to cutting the share of nuclear power in elect...

Industry: focus on the Plaine de l’Ain industrial park (France)

The 2012/01/31 at 10:18
Thanks to an effective commercialisation policy and undeniable natural assets, the Plaine de l’Ain Indus...

Climate: a minimum agreement in Durban

The 2011/12/22 at 06:50
The conference extends the Kyoto Protocol, though the planet is yet to be saved from global warming.

Scottish Chambers: "Creating a powerful renewable energy industry"

The 2011/12/14 at 06:46
As well as its energy resources, Scotland has made technology and services the axes of its economic take-off.

Energy performance: focus on Économie d'Énergie SAS

The 2011/11/30 at 13:55
Implementing efficient energy approaches, processing and validating energy certification: this is the mi...

Shell develops an innovation programme to limit CO2 emissions in the atmosphere

The 2011/10/29 at 09:16
Active en matière de développement durable et d’énergies propres, Shell continue de développer des cartes carburant pour les professionnels. Explications avec Laurent Charlot, directeur des ventes flotte com...

Accor aims to strengthen its presence in Germany

The 2011/10/08 at 07:35
Riding on its fine financial results in the first quarter, the hotel group intends to continue its development strategy.

Germany- Algeria: new wind for bilateral cooperation

The 2011/10/03 at 08:25
The economic rapprochement between Germany and Algeria is gaining speed. In the space of ten years, trad...

Schneider Electric optimizes energy consumption, reconciling user needs and external restrictions

The 2011/09/19 at 12:05
Energy management specialist Schneider Electric offers businesses and organisations innovative solutions...

Pairan still interested in the French photovoltaic market despite the moratorium

The 2011/09/07 at 15:16
The German company present in France, Spain, Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic, has already set up over 10,000 plants worldwide and is also developing its R&D sector.

One of the latest furniture manufacturers based in France

The 2011/08/30 at 16:31
Buronomic is one of the newest companies to emerge on the French office furniture market. Product quality, high levels of service, prompt deliveries: there is no shortage of reasons to continue thriving from...

Volkswagen updates its services to better match its range

The 2011/07/12 at 17:00
From Seat to Skoda via Audi, Volkswagen France group offers professionals a wide range of vehicles. This diversity can meet all types of needs, from very small companies to the largest multinationals.

The Volkswagen Group strengthens its multi-brand strategy

The 2011/07/12 at 16:50
Marie-Christine Caubet, Chairperson of Volkswagen France group, retraces the group’s main directions.

Rail freight specialist Europorte offers businesses all necessary services for transporting their goods.

The 2011/07/07 at 14:39
Europorte can rely on its 6 subsidiaries, coverage of major British and French railway connections, and a continually growing fleet. Wiith some of its locomotives operating on electricity, the group intends ...

IEPF helps and supports francophone countries to introduce policies in terms of energy and sustainable development

The 2011/07/06 at 16:26
In the domain of sustainable development, developing francophone countries have at their disposal the Institut de l’Énergie et de l’Environnement de la Francophonie (IEPF or Energy and Environment Institute ...

The Paris Air Show 2011 places a focus on innovation and a respect for the environment

The 2011/07/06 at 10:48
The 49th international Paris Air Show was held from 20 to 26 June in Le Bourget, near central Paris. Thi...

Sustainable development: Veolia reinvents outsourcing

The 2011/05/02 at 16:26
Already a leader on its market, Veolia Environnement is getting ahead by globalising its services for th...

Israel launches a “clean tech” offensive

The 2011/05/02 at 10:34
Penalised by its lack of natural resources, the country has developed expertise in the “green business” domain.

Towards an Australian carbon tax

The 2011/05/02 at 08:07
To fight against climate change, the Australian government envisages introducing, from 1 July 2012 onwar...

Environment: the considerable role of CCIs

The 2011/03/31 at 08:45
The Regional Director for Europe of the UN Environment Programme reviews issues in the green economy and...

Energy efficiency: a platform for future solutions

The 2011/03/31 at 08:35
Created in partnership with the Primagaz group, the Économie d’Énergie web site offers interactive suppo...

Environment: the managing of specialised waste

The 2011/03/01 at 14:38
By fully taking charge of the waste management procedure from A to Z, Clikeco allows many SMEs and SMIs to offload an obligation of which they are not always aware, and to ensure better security for its empl...

Midi-Pyrénées: some thirty SMEs go green

The 2011/02/28 at 11:49
In January 2011, the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CRCI) officially launched the Midi-Pyrénées Club Dirigeants Durables (Sustainable Leaders Club) made up of some thirty members.

Chamber of Commerce of La Réunion: biotechnologies focused on China

The 2011/01/31 at 09:43
This small French department in the Indian Ocean, the island of La Réunion, intends to take on the Asian...

Ontario Chamber of Commerce - Investing in tomorrow’s energy

The 2011/01/03 at 14:26
Ontario is to invest 87 billion dollars in modernising its electricity network, 28 billion of which will...

CRCI Languedoc-Roussillon - Energetic BtoB

The 2011/01/03 at 13:45
At the Energaïa international renewable energy expo (Montpellier, from 8 to 11 December), the Languedoc-...

Photovoltaic energy - Energiebau builds its services

The 2010/12/01 at 10:37
Read our article Photovoltaic energy - Energiebau builds its services

Agro-food - Slow growth of the fairtrade banana

The 2010/12/01 at 10:28
The embryo of sustainable and fairtrade streams for banana production emerged in the 1990s as a result o...

Marketing - Ethics in ICT

The 2010/11/30 at 14:59
Read our article Marketing - Ethics in ICT

Good practices - Green label future

The 2010/11/30 at 14:55
Read our article Good practices - Green label future

Quota system - Honing into the air sector

The 2010/11/30 at 14:52
Read our article Quota system - Honing into the air sector

Dedicated software - Making the right choice

The 2010/11/30 at 14:48
Read our article Dedicated software - Making the right choice

Clean technologies - The coming carbon software boom

The 2010/11/30 at 14:24
The market for carbon emission management software is on the brink of strong growth. Editors are getting...

Ecotaxes or stock exchange - The carbon economy takes off

The 2010/11/30 at 14:18
To counter global warming, States, enterprises and householders are going to have to cough up, via an em...

Road safety - From eco-driving to eco-mobility

The 2010/10/29 at 09:01
A privileged partner of the French Ministry of Transport, INSERR offers to share its expertise with ente...

Australian Chamber of Commerce - Climate change debate relaunched

The 2010/10/28 at 12:41
Back on the agenda of Australian politics, the question of attributing a price to carbon, through the in...

Thai Chamber of Commerce - Map ta Phut: industrialists relieved, ecologists disappointed

The 2010/10/28 at 12:32
After a one-year freeze, the Central Administrative Court has given the green light to the recommencemen...

Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce - Heading for the Egyptian sun

The 2010/10/28 at 12:26
Egypt, already a great producer of wind energy, is launching an ambitious programme in the solar domain ...

International tax - Respite for German nuclear plants

The 2010/10/04 at 14:21
Berlin has accepted the prolongation of the lifespan of its nuclear plants in exchange for an ecological...

Photowatt - New photovoltaic generation

The 2010/09/02 at 13:44
A major player on the French market for photovoltaic panels, Photowatt, based in Bourgoin-Jallieu (Frenc...

GDF Suez developing hydroelectricity

The 2010/06/30 at 10:24
The French group GDF Suez is affirming its presence in Central America via the development of thermal po...

Mauritius surfing on the green wave

The 2010/06/29 at 14:59
A green, clean island. An island that is self-sufficient in energy and strikes the right balance between...

Transport flow management: cutting costs and CO2 emissions

The 2010/06/01 at 11:20
Yes, it’s possible to reduce truck loads, kilometres covered, fuel, in other words, to drive greener! As...

Clean energy: as long as the sun keeps shining…

The 2010/05/04 at 15:00
A photovoltaic specialist, the company Hawi offers individual and corporate clients solutions adapted to...

Germany: a “variable degree” ecotax

The 2010/05/04 at 12:25
Germany put in place an “ecotax” ten years ago.

Pointe-Noire Chamber of Commerce: Thierry Téné, Director of A2D Conseil consultancy firm and President of the association Alternoss

The 2010/05/03 at 12:16
Based in Lille, the A2D Conseil consultancy firm specialises in consultancy and training services for su...

Pointe-Noire Chamber of Commerce: green business opportunities in Africa

The 2010/05/03 at 11:22
From 7 to 10 June 2010, the Pointe-Noire Chamber of Commerce is organising the Green Business Internatio...

Christian de Perthuis: assessing the European carbon market

The 2010/04/01 at 15:36
In its first phase (2005-2007), the European CO2 market cut emissions by 2 to 5% throughout the zone. Th...

Business real estate: investment that makes sense

The 2010/04/01 at 14:36
Born from the creation of the C&A real-estate division and belonging to the Cofra group, the company Red...

Photovoltaic energy: a place in the sun for Seta Énergies

The 2010/04/01 at 13:49
Specialised in photovoltaic installations for the tertiary and industrial sectors, and in the commercial...

Heat pumps win over the french market

The 2010/04/01 at 13:42
Established in France two years ago, the heat pump specialist Alpha Innotec is bringing German savoir-fa...

Peru backs the sale of carbon credit

The 2010/04/01 at 13:07
The carbon tax does not play a role in Peru where, on the other hand, “the carbon market represents an i...

Carbon tax in Indonesia - Industrialists and NGOs sceptical

The 2010/04/01 at 12:45
The third largest producer of gases with greenhouse effects is innovating. The Indonesian delegation to ...

Canada: carbon taxed in two provinces

The 2010/04/01 at 12:40
Quebec and British Colombia opted for the implementation of a tax on CO2 emissions several years ago. In...

Denmark invited to review its carbon tax system

The 2010/04/01 at 12:36
Almost 20 years after its introduction, the Danish carbon tax still has not found an efficient mode of f...

European chambers of commerce go green

The 2010/02/26 at 14:42
With initiatives such as the introduction of ecological certification, using exemplary companies as role...

How to save money via ecology, by Jean-March Lorach

The 2010/02/26 at 09:55
Pushed by the ecological urgings of international organisations and the European Union, various countrie...

Éco-Emballages: responsible packaging

The 2010/02/26 at 09:20
Éco-Emballages has been assigned an important mission by the Grenelle de l’Environnement (Environment Ro...

France: carbon tax reviewed

The 2010/01/28 at 16:20
Revoked by the Conseil Constitutionnel, the carbon tax will instead be reviewed and applied in summer 2010.

Mercedes-Benz: green company cars

The 2010/01/28 at 15:48
Mercedes-Benz is continuing to invest in R&D to offer vehicles that are more respectful of the environme...

Carlos Pimenta, head of the company EDF Énergies Nouvelles in Lisbon: "Wind energy production in Portugal has multiplied by six in the last five years"

The 2010/01/28 at 15:09
Portugal has multiplied by six its wind energy capacity in the course of the last five years. A soar lar...

Alain de Wagter, Interlease President: "numerous heads of purchases are afraid to take the step toward the green vehicles"

The 2009/12/30 at 10:11
Combining flexible services and competitive prices, Interlease Broking Company is seducing a growing num...

A green wave over the marketplaces

The 2009/12/29 at 16:19
Philippe Torres is the Director of Studies and Head of the Advisory Board of BNP-Paribas Workshop which ...

Recyc-Québec: turning waste into a resource

The 2009/12/29 at 09:27
The publicly owned corporation, Recyc-Québec, promotes, develops and encourages the recycling of waste w...

Le dessous des cartes, de Kyoto à Copenhague, by Jean-Christophe Victor

The 2009/11/30 at 14:22
Just a few days prior to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, the lack of peda...

Renault Automobiles: 2011, electric year

The 2009/11/30 at 12:23
The ecological ambitions of manufacturer Renault is part of a global effort that includes permanent inno...

Ecuador: President Correa’s ambitious plans

The 2009/11/26 at 14:57
Rafael Correa has presided over Ecuador since 2007, and was re-elected in the first round last April. Fo...

Peruvian exports: organic coffee, abuzz with success

The 2009/11/26 at 14:08
Encouraged by an ever-increasing global demand for organic products, a number of Peruvian coffee growers...

United states’ chambers of commerce: climate law, the reasons for the disaccord

The 2009/11/26 at 12:45
The opposition of the powerful American Federation of Chambers of Commerce to the Waxman-Markey Bill, pi...

Honda: clean car pioneer

The 2009/10/29 at 11:57
In the battle for environmental conservation, Honda has shifted into high gear with the recent launch of...

Geogreen: a tactical partnership to reduce CO2 emissions

The 2009/10/29 at 11:51
Geogreen is a company specialised in consulting and engineering studies for CO2 capture, transport and s...

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