Will Sunday trading be legalised for French hardware stores?

The 2013/09/30 at 15:21
On the one hand, employees of the French hardware stores Castorama and Leroy-Merlin are keen to work on Sundays, on the other hand, the government bans Sunday trading save a few exceptions. Meeting on 30 Sep...

Franchise SUBWAY®: the diversity of implantations improve many opportunities

The 2013/09/05 at 15:46
With over 39,000 restaurants in no less than 102 countries and almost 50 years of experience, Subway is ...

Hervé Boulhol, Economist at the OECD: “Developed countries are exiting the crisis”

The 2013/09/05 at 12:21
An interview with Hervé Boulhol, Economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in charge of France for the Department of Economic Affairs (for six years).

40 % of entrepreneurs: a reachable goal for French women?

The 2013/09/02 at 09:02
Boosting the number of female entrepreneurs in France by 10 % by 2017: this is President François Hollande's target. On 8 March 2013, the French president requested the creation of a Plan aiming to facilitat...

French border dwellers in Switzerland: the end to a French exception that will hamper the economy of three regions

The 2013/07/23 at 08:24
As of 1 June 2014, the 137,000 French border dwellers who cross the Swiss border every day will have the...

France’s Confidence Pact: French CCIs expectant

The 2013/05/06 at 07:55
French CCIs expect a great deal from the Confidence Pact that President François Hollande wishes to sign...

DIHK - Tax increase: 1% more equals 200,000 fewer jobs

The 2013/04/18 at 08:34
Taxation and high incomes are at the heart of the German electoral debate. The DIHK, the federation of German CCIs, estimates that if the opposition parties are victorious, there is a risk that the country’s...

Come and invest in the south of France: The Languedoc-Roussillon, a business growth accelerator

The 2013/04/12 at 08:35
30,000 new inhabitants every year, 300 days of sunlight per year, France’s number four spot for research...

German enterprises wish to tighten their ties with universities

The 2013/04/09 at 08:01
Providing higher education with 2 billion euros in support every year, German enterprises wish to intens...

German CCIs oppose the introduction of a German minimum wage

The 2013/03/22 at 08:36
A taboo for company heads, the idea of introducing a minimum wage in Germany is increasingly bandied abo...

Telecommuting breaks through in French companies

The 2013/03/21 at 08:17
Obstacles to telecommuting in France are being cleared away, slowly but surely. This work mode presents ...

Innovation, respect, integrity: the winning trifecta for French enterprises

The 2013/02/27 at 08:11
Marking out a world that has become increasingly competitive, innovation remains the top value in the eyes of companies from all countries. On the other hand, while quality takes out second position in most ...

The European professional card, a new passport for jobs

The 2013/02/11 at 08:27
The last bolt clamping down the European employment market is about to be unscrewed. Soon, the recognition of degrees, professional experience and qualifications is to be simplified by the creation of a Euro...

Europe’s neglected Eastern countries

The 2013/01/18 at 08:08
At a time when all gazes are turned towards Europe’s Southern countries, former Soviet countries are on ...

Youth employment in Europe: Austrian, German and Luxembourg CCIs hold the keys

The 2012/12/28 at 07:58
Inspiring Europe in the fight against youth unemployment: this is the task to which Austria, German and ...

French VSE and SME heads disappointed by the reintroduction of tax on overtime

The 2012/09/14 at 08:21
Since 1 September, tax exemption on overtime has been abolished. French President François Hollande hopes to inject new energy into employment in this way. Yet VSEs and SMEs consider this measure “surprising...

Immigration will no longer cover German job market needs by 2015

The 2012/09/07 at 07:55
Never have so many jobseekers from southern European countries ventured across the Rhine to try their luck in Germany. Unlike their forerunners from the 1960s coming to take part in the German economic mirac...

16th French CCI Summer School: 19-29 years, the challenges of a generation

The 2012/08/29 at 08:52
Today marks the start, in Versailles, of the 16th Université d’Été (Summer School) of the French CCIs on the theme “19-29 years, the challenges of a generation”. From school benches to the working world, the...

German employment on the rise but also widening inequalities

The 2012/08/29 at 08:32
Known as the land of precarious employment, with mini-jobs earning monthly wages of 400 euros, part-time work for women and the absence of a minimum wage rate, Germany has nonetheless progressed in creating ...

Aid for young Spanish SME heads

The 2012/07/16 at 09:00
For a number of years, Spanish Chambers of Commerce have been joining forces with an association to capitalise on advice of senior citizens.

Self-employed professionals, the pillars of the German economy

The 2012/07/09 at 08:00
Architects, doctors, chartered accountants, but also environmental consultants and consultant engineers…...

Clandestine work declines in Germany

The 2012/07/03 at 07:00
While in other European countries affected by the crisis, clandestine work is spreading, this shady part...

CNED training possibilities for expatriates and all their family members

The 2012/06/12 at 07:00
The CNED is well-known in France for the training possibilities it offers to young French people overseas, but few expatriates are aware of just how wide establishment’s offer extends, going as far as meetin...

Recruitment in Germany: meeting female quotas

The 2012/05/25 at 05:30
From 30% to 40%: Germany continues to debate on the rates of females to impose on upper levels of company management, while parties still disagree on the appropriateness of such quotas. However, large groups...

Male-Female equality: EPF backs Africa

The 2012/05/18 at 14:12
The engineering school is calling on businesses to support its project.

Germany: the social decline behind its economic sparkle

The 2012/05/03 at 06:50
A high price to pay for the country's competitiveness policy.

Great Britain making attempts to boost women to the helms of companies

The 2012/05/02 at 05:30
The representation of women in the boards of directors of major British companies has improved. But there is still progress to be made.

Germany suffering from a shortage of apprentices

The 2012/04/05 at 06:10
The German apprenticeship model is tottering, imperilled by demographic shrinkage and a changing educati...

Professional training in Germany: interview with Friedrich Hubert Esser, President of the Federal Institute of Professional Training

The 2012/04/05 at 05:55
“Steering young people from secondary school onwards”, he explains.

SCOP: Towards a fairer business model

The 2012/04/03 at 12:18
Cooperative and participative enterprises (or SCOPs in French) where employees are majority shareholders are in. At a time when shareholding companies are looked upon warily, SCOPs are seducing more and more...

Transport and logistics: focus on Ifrac Formation

The 2012/03/30 at 12:49
Set up in 1997, IFRAC Formation is an organism specialised in training for the transport and logistics sector. From financing searches to the driving of vehicles, every need is carefully analysed to bring th...

No borders in male-female inequalities

The 2012/03/29 at 05:40
No solution seems to have been found for significantly reducing inequalities in Europe.

Volkswagen revs up its staff numbers

The 2012/03/28 at 05:40
To ensure its supremacy on global markets, the German manufacturer, which created 28,000 jobs in 2011, f...

German industry threatened by a shortage of engineers

The 2012/03/22 at 06:50
In Germany, 80,000 to 100,000 engineering positions remain unfilled, while universities are struggling to keep students in this domain. The shortage threatens the future of "Made in Germany".

Economic retrenchments: "The legislator needs to review the definition of the motive"

The 2012/03/19 at 13:05
On 11 April, the Cour de Cassation (final court of appeal) is to give its decision on the case of the downsizing plan of software editor Viveo. Sylvain Niel, Managing Partner of the Fidal firm and President ...

Young Spaniards forced to emigrate

The 2012/03/15 at 06:40
Over 300,000 persons have left Spain since the start of the crisis.

Video article. Going back on retrenchment would threaten French businesses, according to the CCIP.

The 2012/03/14 at 13:05
The Cour de Cassation (final court of appeal in France) has postponed to 11 April 2012 the handing down of its decision on the cancellation of a downsizing plan at Viveo France. If the employees are successf...

Germany introduces a legal minimum salary

The 2012/03/13 at 06:40
A legal minimum salary for all at 8.50 euros per hour: a revolution is afoot in Germany, where one out of five employees works for 6 to 7 euros.

Spain reforms its employment market

The 2012/02/17 at 06:50
A new bill has been passed, with the aim of reducing dismissal costs and bringing greater flexibility to businesses.

No bright spell for the Spanish economy before June 2013

The 2012/02/13 at 06:50
Austerity measures alone will not suffice. Growth stimulus remains essential for avoiding economic asphyxia.

Recruitment: interview with Philippe Perret, Managing Direcor of Menway

The 2012/02/06 at 11:45
Chiefly specialised in individual and collective recruitment, the company Menway is seeking to develop its presence in French regions, and in the long term, overseas.

Do you speak German?

The 2012/01/27 at 08:00
More and more young graduates from Spain, Greece and Portugal are taking up German. Their aim: to settle in Germany, Europe’s new Eldorado for employment.

France’s job-creating sectors: a comparison with Germany

The 2012/01/25 at 06:50
Overview from Isabelle Bourgeois, Researcher at the CIRAC.

Employee share ownership riding high in Britain

The 2012/01/24 at 06:50
Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has invited British companies to develop the employee ...

Stress, work’s biggest foe

The 2012/01/12 at 06:50
Specialising in stress prevention and management and psychosocial risks in the workplace, the Stimulus firm has developed a scientific and participatory approach.

In Germany, temp agencies struggle to find candidates

The 2012/01/09 at 06:55
Germany’s employment market boom has resulted in the poaching of temp workers from temp agencies by their clients

Psychosocial risks: focus on Éléas

The 2011/12/28 at 10:55
A forerunner in the management of emergency situations and psychosocial risks, the company Eléas has capitalised on its savoir-faire for major companies for the last ten years. Today, it offers SMEs an econo...

France: scanning the future employment market

The 2011/12/27 at 06:40
“What will the French employment market be like in 20 years?” The Centre d’Analyse Stratégique has endea...

Spain, champions for overqualified workers

The 2011/12/19 at 06:45
31 % of those with tertiary training hold jobs inferior to their qualifications.

Why doesn’t Germany have a minimum salary?

The 2011/12/12 at 06:45
Germany is one of the rare European countries not to have a minimum salary.

The United Kingdom giving a nudge to apprenticeship

The 2011/11/23 at 06:34
At a time when youth employment is on the rise on the other side of the Channel, the British government ...

Video article: Female enterprise

The 2011/11/21 at 06:45
In its November issue, “Women as a crisis antidote”, Commerce International turned its attention to female entrepreneurship.

Gender diversity: The quota issue

The 2011/11/18 at 06:40
Si le mot reste tabou, c’est parce qu’il renvoie à une sélection des individus qui ne serait pas basée sur le seul mérite.

Gender diversity: "Banks where management is the most feminised obtained the top performances"

The 2011/11/17 at 06:45
Questions for Michel Ferrary, professor of Management and HR Management at the University of Geneva, HEC...

Isabelle Bourboulon: "In France, work has a very strong social function”

The 2011/11/10 at 06:00
In France, suffering at work is no longer a taboo subject.

Great Britain to possibly reform rules on unfair dismissals

The 2011/11/04 at 06:40
The British Chambers of Commerce support a controversial proposal whose impact includes backing the economy on the other side of the Channel.

In Quimper, a new regional training institute specialised in renewable energy

The 2011/10/28 at 05:30
In Quimper (French department of Finistère), an institute opening in June 2011 offering technical traini...

The Swedish company EF Education: "the potential for development in France is significant"

The 2011/10/12 at 16:00
EF Education offers language lessons to professionals. Lessons that can be adapted to the pupil’s job ty...

Video: Meet the French Minister of Labour in Paris

The 2011/09/26 at 08:22
On September 26 and 27, the G20 Ministers of Labour and Employment will held a meeting in Paris. This meeting is a follow up of the preceeding meeting held in Washington back in April 2010. Facing with the w...

Macif sets an example to follow in diversity in the workplace

The 2011/09/07 at 14:07
Thanks to the signing of various agreements, the mutual insurance company Macif can proudly display exem...

The AIRIA group continues its policy of investments in human and material means

The 2011/07/06 at 14:41
As a frontline subcontractor of major plane constructors, the Airia group has savoir-faire allowing it t...

Certification: the certified engineer

The 2011/05/30 at 13:15
In a context where engineering degrees are not internationally recognised, certification stands out as a...

HEC Paris: from Jouy-en-Josas to Doha …

The 2011/05/30 at 09:12
Voted the world’s leading business school by The Financial Times for the fifth consecutive year, HEC Par...

ESL-Séjours Linguistiques pushes up the level

The 2011/05/27 at 14:16
This organism offers lessons for learning or improving language skills in twenty languages for students,...

OPCA: tailor-made vocational training

The 2011/04/29 at 14:29
Agefos PME supports businesses in the implementation and management of their training plans. With the in...

Taxe d’apprentissage: a disturbing reform

The 2011/03/29 at 09:20
Presented on 1 March by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, this reform is expected to be translated by a ...

Training: the regional dynamic is already underway

The 2011/03/29 at 09:04
In terms of training, CCIs already work on a regional scale, chiefly due to the role of Regional Council...

Professional integration: changing the perception of disability

The 2011/03/02 at 08:52
Aiming to promote the integration of disabled persons in workplaces, AGEFIPH carries out a role of fund ...

Booster Academy: 100% sales-oriented coaching

The 2011/03/01 at 15:28
Set up in 2008 by a sales enthusiast, Booster Academy offers innovative intensive sales-training sessions. An effective programme adapted to the rhythm of each candidate to ensure the “boosting” of skills.

Umbrella company services: close-range support

The 2011/02/01 at 11:36
Specialising in consultancy activities, the umbrella service company Himalaya Conseil is experiencing gr...

University of Strasbourg - Reinventing continuing education

The 2011/01/04 at 13:17
Following the merger of its three universities, Strasbourg became, in 2009, France’s largest multidiscip...

Education - A wealth of differences

The 2011/01/04 at 13:11
Located in Paris, the École Active Bilingue allows pupils from all horizons to learn a number of languag...

Atos Origin Formation - Varied and innovative professional training

The 2010/12/01 at 13:50
Specialising in IT services, Atos Origin has a training centre aimed at serving businesses with 350 cour...

Vineet Nayar, an anti-machiavelli?

The 2010/11/30 at 13:48
It’s a gutsy strategy to put employees before clients and to broadcast the fact loud and clear. Yet this approach seems to pay off. HCL Technologies, a giant in the Indian IT sector can attest to this: in th...

Business school - A new campus for the EDHEC Lille

The 2010/10/29 at 08:54
Inaugurated on 8 October, the new campus of the EDHEC Lille sets out to be the group’s admiralty ship. O...

Acadomia - Uncovering potential

The 2010/10/29 at 08:46
France’s number one in school tutoring and private tuition, Acadomia has not swayed from its original go...

Translation, interpreting, training - Turning foreign languages into an asset

The 2010/10/05 at 10:30
With its vast network of specialists, the Elan Langues group meets various linguistic needs, from traini...

Training - Engineering in sync with its era

The 2010/10/05 at 09:46
In the universe of engineering schools, ENIM stands out from the rest thanks to a rich and pragmatic off...

Centre Paul Roubier - Delving into industrial property rights

The 2010/10/05 at 09:24
Since 1970, the Centre Paul Roubier, situated in Lyon, has been offering continuing education programmes...

CEGEP of Sainte-Foy - All-purpose training

The 2010/09/02 at 14:36
For forty years now, the CEGEP of Sainte-Foy, Québec, a higher education establishment, has been trainin...

CEGEP of Sept-Îles - Training programmes adapted to the job pool

The 2010/09/02 at 14:31
The Quebecois public education system includes an original type of establishment, the CEGEP, a prelimina...

Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine - Training tomorrow’s leaders

The 2010/09/02 at 14:25
Close to the centre of Montreal in Québec, the impressive Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine is busily prepa...

CEGEP of Jonquière - Objective excellence

The 2010/09/02 at 14:20
Unanimously recognised for the quality of its technical training programmes and pre-university teaching,...

African and francophone Chambers: professionalising the CPCCAF network

The 2010/09/02 at 09:25
It has been a studious summer for the Conférence Permanente des Chambres Consulaires Africaines et Franc...

Groupe JAM: a springboard to enthusiasm

The 2010/06/30 at 10:48
An expert on investments in China, Christian Didier has been a France-based consultant employee at JAM s...

Preparing ahead for your retirement

The 2010/06/30 at 10:05
The French pension system is unusually complex. Assistance Retraite offers advice to all those wishing t...

Collège Mérici in Quebec: alongside students

The 2010/05/03 at 14:19
This year, the Collège Mérici is celebrating its 80th birthday in Quebec. An occasion to review its high...

CEGEP de La Pocatière: a passport to the business world

The 2010/05/03 at 14:13
The CEGEP de La Pocatière offers initial and continuing education courses in vocational and technical do...

Family businesses: greater wellbeing, lower pay

The 2010/03/29 at 13:01
Whilst employees in family businesses often benefit from favourable working conditions, their salaries a...

Family business: the limits of a model

The 2010/03/29 at 12:55
Family business status has allowed Salini to grow whilst avoiding certain pitfalls. Plans for expansion,...

European chambers of commerce in favour of employment

The 2010/02/26 at 14:18
The setting up of a centre to advise, guide and assess professionals, a mentoring programme to integrate...

Engineering school: HEI stands out

The 2010/02/26 at 09:48
A generalist engineering course, strong partnerships with businesses, international development: these a...

Making games creation accessible to all

The 2010/02/25 at 16:52
Upmarket real-time 3D engines produced by video games studios - the strategic technology for creating ga...

Nicer software

The 2010/02/25 at 16:48
Aware of the difficulty of making a software weighed down by technical rigour less intimidating, editors...

Games for learning

The 2010/02/25 at 16:45
“To make a good serious game for human resources, it is necessary to define the target clearly: training...

Video game expert Ludovic Noël : "The Serious game market is in full flight"

The 2010/02/25 at 16:39
The serious game was born at the start of the 21st century. Ten years down the track, serious games have...

Welcome to Renault Academy

The 2010/02/25 at 16:05
To add a zing to its distance learning programme, Renault Academy ordered a tailor-made serious game fro...

A serious game for IT project managers

The 2010/02/25 at 15:45
Gregor Petri is EMEA Product Marketing Advisor for CA, a world leader in business software. In December ...

Serious games: from entertainment to serious games

The 2010/02/25 at 15:41
An heir to the entertainment world, the serious game is affirming its own unique characteristics, in par...

Serious game: no laughing matter

The 2010/02/25 at 15:08
A resource for almost all international companies, “serious games” are in the process of becoming the fa...

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