Jackets for champs

They go by the names of “Gang”, “Branson” or “Corozal”. Integrating technical features, retro style or elegantly minimalist, this is the ski jacket for winter 2012.

La dolce vita, tailor-made

The gem of Italian fashion for males is entering the luxury pole of the French group PPR: never snooty, always classy, Brioni dresses James Bond and the political elite.

No smoking rules

This male uniform for evening events, known as le smoking in French, has gone down the same track as the cigarette. The old tux has been relegated to the wardrobe. Glamour now rhymes with black shirts and pointy shoes.

In the wake of "Guccimania"

The history of the groupe and the Gucci family reads like a thriller against the backdrop of sensational negotiations. But a happy ending crowns this 90-year serial.

Autumn sweaters, a stitch in time

Sweaters are undoubtedly the comfiest, most romantic, sexiest of garments, if we take care to avoid certain faux pas. Serious and studious, this is an item for the office.

Are you a jacket or a coat type?

Once worn by the aristocracy, then by the elite in the 19th century, it gained popularity in the 1950s. Close-fitting or opulent, the coat is the key to elegance this season.

The musts for the beach

Board shorts have ousted swimming trunks. Espadrilles are taking over from thongs. This summer, the hot beach look is virile and dynamic.

Men’s fashion boom Julius, Ehud, Vibskov

Never has men’s fashion seen such a surge in new brands. These international newcomers offer men new sensations and a boost to their personal style.

A popular boxer’s collection

In 1948, French boxer Marcel Cerdan envisaged launching a line of sportswear… Fifty years later, his grandson has realised this dream.

Spring makes a striped entrance

The ocean breeze is blowing over urban fashion: underwear, suits, swimming trunks, sweaters and T-shirts, and even espadrilles are going stripy.

The slim cut fades away

The silhouette of the tight-fitting suit is now old hat, and black is also fading out. Innocent, clean-cut, airy or flamboyant, this spring, the gentleman’s suit is taking on a new ample life.

Haute couture on the slopes

Covered in rosewood or titanium, or sometimes even diamond studded, tailor-made skis featuring sleek designs are all the rage in chic ski resorts.